• To provide analytical, technical, consultancy services
  • Extension of basic research to specific applications involving novel products, processes, techniques or devices
  • Researching with the object of developing and designing new and/or improved techniques and/or methods for controlling and/or reducing environmental pollution – water pollution, air pollution or any other pollution – caused particularly by industries
  • To discover and develop methods for the beneficial utilization of natural resources
  • To organize and foster the training of research workers in the fields related to its objects and to undertake training programs
The main areas of testing & research are:
  • Environment & energy
  • Materials
  • Chemicals

At present, SAI Labs is mainly involved in environmental monitoring and testing different industries and their environmental samples in addition to consultancy in the area of environment pollution. Chemical and material testing are available facilities. SAI Labs is the only organization in the north-western region to have swirl testing facility for combustion engines.